Hi! I am Eta George, a regular day jobber who also writes by the light of the lamp at night.

I caught the reading bug quite early in childhood. It started with the Childcraft set of books that my parents bought me, The Giant Book of Fairytale gifted to me by my aunt, and with a school that had a decent library. From there on I started swallowing every bit of fiction that I could lay my hands on pretty much like a vacuum cleaner. The writing followed inevitably.

I put the writing brakes on when I graduated from college and had to focus on 'life'. Now, having achieved two degrees and establishing a steady but kind of boring career, I did not find myself very satisfied with 'life' and I imagined the time was ripe to get back to being an author. It isn't easy, my literary clogs are waaay too rusty and need lots of greasing but I have no regrets and kind of enjoy the process.

When I am not listening to a bazillion podcasts and obsessively perusing my kindle I am working on a number of fictional works - one of which will hopefully come to fruition soon. I hope dear reader that you would like my blog which I will keep updating with my findings which will be hopefully useful to you as well. I hope I can help you with your creative journey and help you become a part of a creative community of writers and readers alike!